Frequently asked questions

What exactly to do you?
I make non-traditional wedding films to capture your day as beautifully and candidly as I can. I don’t believe in directing you or contriving “moments”. I don’t need to, if I just let you guys be yourself all the wonderful bits and pieces will be there, I’ll keep my eyes open and capture them all.

Can I have the raw footage?
Short answer is “no”, sorry! The thing is, I don’t film in the traditional sense, like someone making a home movie with a handy-cam, taking nice long shots. Instead, I shoot as though I’m taking photos. I end up with around 600 clips, all around 5-10 seconds in length each. This shooting style enables me to create beautiful films, and capture real moments, but it means that “raw footage” as you might expect it (long unedited shots) simple don’t exist. But never fear, if you opt for the Feature Film package then usually every single shot I take ends up in the cinematic edit, just edited so that the best bits of each shot are included in the film. You wont miss out on a thing.

Is one videographer really enough?
You’re going to hear a lot of different opinions on this one! It really depends on the type of coverage that you’re after. All of my films have been made with only me, and if you like the way those films are put together then yes, one videographer is enough. If you are having multiple events happening simultaneously throughout your day, or you’d like full ceremony coverage, we may need a second shooter. We can work this out when we chat about your wedding 🙂

Do you put snippets of audio over the visuals? I love/hate this!
Generally my cinematic edits (the longer 15-18 minute films) will have some audio from the ceremony (eg, vows) and occasionally the speeches edited into it. My shorts “highlight” films almost never do. Sometimes having the audio over the top works beautifully, sometimes it doesn’t. Some people love it, some hate it. Let’s chat beforehand and see what’s right for you.

Do we get to choose the music?
I’m licensed by APRA to use any music you like in your film so long as it’s for “domestic use” (ie, viewed privately) which is great for the cinematic (longer) edits. Unfortunately this license does not extend to online use. If you’d like your “highlights” film put online to share with friends and family I’ll purchase licensed music from a different source. If you’d like to choose this song, no worries, I’ll send you the link to the catalogue you can choose from.  Most couples leave the music selection up to me, but if you have particular songs you’d like used that’s fine, please send me the actual audio files rather than just the names to ensure that I use the correct version of the song.

Do you do custom packages?
Sure, let’s talk 🙂

Yay! How to be book?
Use the Contact Form at the top of this page, let me know a bit about you, your wedding, and what you want from your wedding film, and we’ll go from there!