Garden engagement photos

I was pretty excited when Tina asked me if we could shoot her engagement photos at the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens in the Dandenongs. It’s a gorgeous spot, I need to go back there with a picnic basket in tow and spend a day there!  We had way too much fun exploring all the different nooks and crannies finding the perfect places for some beautiful engagement photos. Tina and Micah are total champs, they braved hiking through fallen branches, swarms of bees, and no one managed to fall in the pond.

garden engagementTandM-4TandM-13     TandM-22TandM-15TandM-16TandM-17TandM-18TandM-19TandM-21TandM-25TandM-26TandM-28TandM-30TandM-31     TandM-35TandM-40TandM-42     TandM-43

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