Marny + Lachy // Wedding in Main Ridge

There are so many gigantic smiles on board at this wedding it’s hard to imagine the set backs these guys had to deal with. Their venue was closed down by the CFA with 6 weeks to go, and then the groom went and broke both his arm and his leg in a horse riding accident. But as you’ll see in the video it all turned out to be pretty darn amazing in the end.

This is going to sound completely unromantic (but hopefully it’ll be relevant to bride’s to be) but I was really impressed by how creative these guys were with their budget. You could tell they have clear ideas where they wanted to spend and save. They had some amazing vendors come in for photography and food, and then they did everything else themselves. All of the decor, the flowers, table settings, cake, even the dress. They did absolutely everything exactly how they wanted it to be. It was interesting to me to see a DIY wedding that wasn’t “rustic”. This one was modern, bright and insanely happy.

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